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Antivirus & Malware Protection

Automatic Cleaning & Optimization 

24/7 Proactive Monitoring

Remote Support

Onsite Support

Network Infrastructure Support

Advanced System Hardening

Data Backup & Recovery

Monthly Health Report



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Low Cost, High Performance


When you choose AssistHelp, you can rest assure your PC is always patched, up to date, optimized and protected against the latest viruses & malware. Our 24/7 Proactive Health Monitoring system will continuously check for hard disk failures, security loopholes, lack of disk space, recent PC crashes or Blue Screens, critical process failures and many more. These alerts will be sent to us and we can act promptly before any catastrophic failure happens.


plan-features-medicineboxOur Medicine for your IT Infrastructure


If you are a user that just want the PC to work properly, intelligently and optimally with minimal frustration, the Basic Plan promises to do just that. It won’t magically transform your Windows into a Mac, but it sure performs very close to it! Our Enhanced Plan gets the benefits of the Basic Plan, plus added online security across your network, in the form of blocking online nasties before it has a chance to disrupt your revenue-generating productivity! We’ve saved the best for last; the Ultimate Plan allows business owners to truly focus on building their business while we take care of all things IT-related. We care for your network & PCs like its our own, ensuring no detail is left unnoticed when it comes to performance & security. You will also receive a customized IT health report every month, ensuing maximum audit transparency. In fact, we are so confident of your satisfaction, that we support unlimited remote & onsite visits to solve issues faced by either you or your users.



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